Big Data

Transforming Data Solutions

MVR IT has earned the trust of customers from all around the globe, ranging from large enterprises wanting insight on their next strategic move, to start-ups looking to harness the power of data for a competitive edge.

Platform Development

We are a team of highly skilled engineers have extensive experience in delivering big data to enterprises around globe. Some of the engineers are open source contributors, who has passion towards open-source, data & technology. We are experienced in building big data clusters in public clouds, leveraging existing infrastructure or hybrid. We can make recommendations based on clients need, we are proud to say we can build clusters in few hours and we can build Proof of concept clusters in few minutes. Some of the popular clouds we work on as below.

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean

Data Ingestion

Data Enrichment

Data Curation

Data Curation

Visual Analytics